Doors in our homes are usually a second thought, a final touch that we might not put that much effort into. But a quality door crafted and installed by experts provides security, privacy and intimacy. Choosing the right doors for your home helps to elevate the warmth and comfort of lifestyle. With custom designs made […]


Bedrooms hold so much character, personality and privacy. Finding the best layout for your bedroom could change the whole feeling of the room, giving you a well rested sleep every night. Our custom bedrooms at Vassallo Joiners are designed around your lifestyle, whether it’s the large walk-in wardrobe of your dreams, or a super king […]


The kitchen, the heart of the home, the room where memories are made, home cooked meals shared and love is always served. Installing a custom made kitchen gives your home character and charm. Not only are the kitchens crafted by the experts at Vassallo Joiners practical, functional and made to measure; they are also finished […]


Your bathroom should be a peaceful place, a place where you go to collect your thoughts while you relax in a hot bath tub or get ready for a big day ahead. The way we design our bathroom lays a hand at helping us structure our plans, therefore the cleaner the design and the more […]

Retail Outlets

Designing your retail outlet is a major business point that needs to be handled by experienced professionals. The qualified design team at Vassallo Joiners will give your retail space the interior aesthetic that draws customers in. Give your retail shop or shopping centre a customised feel with Vassallo Joiners. We’ll focus on your furnishings while […]


Creating the perfect office space takes planning and organisation. Finding the right flow for your office depends on how you use your office on a daily or weekly basis. At Vassallo Joiners, we can create custom office designs focused around productivity and concentration, team meeting environments and even a mix of both. Create a heaven […]

Hotels & Restaurants

The horeca industry is competitive and it takes more than great food, premium service and high standards to master it. Solid aesthetic qualities and ground-breaking design innovation are what allow hotels and restaurants to stand out from the crowd. The tailored designs crafted by Vassallo Joiners bring elegance and class to any hotel or restaurant […]