St John’s Co Cathedral Timber Lantern, Valletta

The redesigned timber lantern installed in July 2020 was a Vassallo Joiners project that required the dedication and expertise necessary to replace a 75 year old casing that houses a national treasure.

The timber lantern serves the purpose of shedding light onto the Oratory within St John’s Co-Cathedral, where the Beheading of St John the Baptist by Caravaggio can be found. The installation of the new timber lantern is an exact replica of the old one, replaced to preserve a part of Malta’s history.

“Working with the St John’s Co-Cathedral Foundation was an honour. The project required so much focus, exact measurements, excellent finish, secure structural features and so many other intricate details had to be considered. Working so closely to Caravaggio’s masterpiece reminded me how important our expertise is as craftsmen.” ~ TBA Periti


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